No Challenge? No Saturday report?


It’s Monday and probably you are wondering, where is my new challenge. Well, don’t worry, everything is alright. My biggest goal is to follow challenge rules, also, after they end. This week I decided it is finally time to take some break and, as I have mentioned this I think 1000 times before, let’s do everything step by step.

Also, maybe you have noticed that this week I missed Saturday report. Now I am a little bit confused, I am considering to take measures of my body every or every second week because, in my opinion, my number on scales sometimes can shock me too much.

Last but not least, this week was my “No Svetlana” challenge time. I am so, so, so proud of myself. Even though, a lot of delicious candies and amazing cookies found their way to my stomach, today is 8. day in a row when “Svetlana” is waiting for me in the shop. 🙂


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