Curling Iron Remington Ci5338 Pro Big Curl Review

Since I remember myself I have always been in love with hairstyles and hair in general. I don’t really consider myself a long hair girl, because as I am sure you all girls right there know, hair can never be too long, but curling my hair has always been a big problem. I am not entirely sure whether the problem has been with all my curling irons or with my disobedient hands and hair styling technique, curls in my hair disappear within an hour. Well, from now on, it will be different. Let me introduce you to Curling Iron “Remington Ci5338 Pro Big Curl”, the first thing in my life, which not entirely has solved the problem, but at least had helped me to finally curl some tufts of hair.


The thing I love the most about this curling iron is the perimeter it has. Finally I can wrap all the tuft of the hair around it and every part is curled evenly. The second thing I love is that temperature for this hair curler is variable, thus I don’t need to think all the time how the heat is damaging my hair.


Overall, I love this product, actually I am quite sure that every curling iron with wider curling part would do the curling job better than my previous irons, but as this exact iron was the first one I have tried with wider curling part, I love it and don’t think I will try to find something similar in the nearest future.


Remington, good job!

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  1. December 29, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    Love remington curling iron 🙂

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