Benefits Of Aroma Diffuser And Why You Should Use It

Essential-Oils-MujiAroma-Diffuser-HumidifierThe real beauty comes from the inside, and wouldn’t you agree with me, if I would say that happy people are the most beautiful people? As I have never heard or read a lot about aroma diffusers, I thought it would be a fun idea to introduce you with them. You put some water in the inner container, add a few drops of essential oil or oils of your choice, add your diffuser to the power supply and you are done, as easy as that.

I came around aroma diffusers actually a very long time ago, but only before 4 years I put my hands on one for the first time. There have been times on my life when I use it more and when I use it less, usually my diffuser is my best friend on weekends, when I turn it on while watching a movie or studying and as I am not a very big fan of any kind of scents, I prefer living room over bedroom as a place for it to do its job, but it is just my preference and if the scent doesn’t make it harder for you to fall asleep than your bedroom will be the best place for the diffuser to work as it will help you to calm down on evenings after school or work. I don’t know why, but when colder months start to come, I feel it is time to finally take my diffuser from the top of the shelf and blow away  the dust from the top of the box. I am a huge fan of Christmas and winter related essential oils, though I also like to use the rose one, but Christmas scents are definitely my favourites. The thing I love the most about the Christmas edition especially is that you can put in your diffuser a few drops of different essential oils, therefor the different combinations of essential oils are endless, and I can never get bored with them.

Why You Should Invest In An Aroma Diffuser:

  1. It Helps you to get into the mood-lavender essential oil will work great if you want to have a calm evening at home, while grapefruit oil will help you to be more energised.
  2. It Works as a humidifier for the air-this one is actually the main reason I use my diffuser, because often I feel the air in the rooms can be quite dry and those are the times when diffuser can do wonders.
  3. It Makes your home smell amazing-if you want your house to smell good, aroma diffusers are great alternative to candles, as they are safer and cheaper alternatives to candles. While usually the smell will disappear within days or even hours, if you want the scent to stay longer in your home, you should just use the right essential oils, for example, by the time, I used only mint essential oil, the smell never fully went away from my bedroom until I repainted it.

If you  are interested where you can get one Muji Aroma Diffuser by far is the best, I have found online, but there are ton of different options, I even just saw that aliexpress have some great alternatives. While finding access to different essential oils are much easier than to diffusers, you should actually be very careful when choosing them. The ones you cam usually found on supermarkets are bad quality (though, not always), so I advise you to pay all your attention when choosing one, and while I am not by any chance a pro when deciding whether the oil is good or bad, I like to use the ones from Muji, as there are a great variety of them and the bottles look cute (oh, my inner minimalist). I prefer sets over a single essential oil and as mentioned before my favourite is Festive Essential Oil Set, but I have found also other interesting ones, for example, Refreshing Essential Oil Set and Bliss & Happy Essential Oil Set, in other words, everyone can find something to their preferences.

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  1. February 19, 2016 / 12:29 am

    I LOVE DIFFUSERS! I have had a hard time a good and cheap one, but I use it whenever I can borrow my mom’s! My favourite scents are grapefruit and ylang ylang. Yummy!

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